We aim to make life a little easier for all Australians. The Moneymgmt is a simple to use platform that allows you to track all of your assets and manage your finances.

A platform for everyone

Moneymgmt is for everyone. Our platform and user options allow anyone to use it to the capabilities they require. You don’t need to be a savvy investor to join the community. From uni students that need budgeting assistance to high net worth investors with complex structures.

Everything in one place

Moneymgmt is a FinTech platform that seamlessly handles all of your assets and liabilities in one all encompassing portal.

Hundreds of Live Data sources

Moneymgmt utilises live feeds from banking institutions, RP Data, Redbook and the ASX to name a few. This provides Moneymgmt users unique access to unmatched real-time accuracy.

Connect to your team

Access to your existing Team is vital to ensure you continue to be comfortable with your finances. With Moneymgmt, you can select what they can view and enable them to assist you in populating your data for you. Whether this is your financial strategist, accountant, planner, advisor, real estate agent, property manager, finance broker, solicitor or bookkeeper… your team, our platform.

Categorise your spending

Moneymgmt creates instant budgets around your spending by tapping into live feeds from your banks. With customised tagging coupled with automatic filters you can see exactly where your money is going.

Calculate your net worth

Moneymgmt gives a clear snapshot of your net worth (total assets minus total debt). The platform automatically charts your wealth allowing you to gauge how you’re tracking!

eDocument Signing

Moneymgmt lets you electronically sign any documents that require quick turn around time – storing any of these critical documents to the platform so you can access them whenever you need them.

Tax time made easy

Moneymgmt allows you to tag and filter transactions as tax items, upload receipts and add documents, making tax time a breeze. Alternatively, let your accountant do the heavy lifting by granting them access to your account – the end of financial year just got easier.

Budgeting simplified

Create instant budgets around your spending by tapping into live feeds from your banking institutions. We put you in control, with the ability to set limits while automatically sorting and filtering your transactions. Fully customise where your money is being spent and wave goodbye to your excel spreadsheets.

Manage your property

Send a request to your property manager to integrate your property. This will assist you to receive rental statements, documents and receipts uploaded online. You’ll also have access to unique property tools to help you manage your property more efficiently.

Superannuation Monitoring

Do you know what your current super balance is and whether it’s performing? From an industry fund to an SMSF, we will assist you to monitor how your retirement structures are working for you.

Cloud storage

Throw away the filing cabinet and get super organised by uploading important documents. From receipts, wills, contracts, tenancy agreements, depreciation schedules, the list goes on. Safely store them directly to your platform so you’ll never misplace an insurance policy again.

Wealth check

Review your financial priorities and receive a custom action plan. We partner with Moneymgmt approved firms – linking you with top industry professionals who can provide personalised advice on how to maximise the potential of your finances.

Track portfolio

Live data feeds track your entire portfolio performance including property. It’s easy to grow your portfolio, using Moneymgmt. Track your equity, cash flow, savings targets property investments and monitor your performance to get you closer to growing your entire portfolio.

Goals and Objectives

Set and receive notifications. Develop and monitor all your goals. Use the goal calculator to visually watch your money grow and stay on track to achieve your targets quicker. Understand your opportunities and the power of the correct finance structure with numerous financial calculators available to use on the platform.

Vehicle analytics

Know the current market valuation and performance ratings of your vehicle/s. Let us help you determine whether to hold, sell or upgrade your current vehicle/s

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