Your safety and security is our utmost priority

Trust & Protection

To make our product run successfully and provide the service we do, it requires an immense level of trust from our clients and partners.

As Moneymgmt works as an information platform that integrates across multiple channels (Yodlee, Redbook, RPdata, ASX to name a few) there is no possibility of access to your bank accounts or change your other sensitive information directly through the app or manage your transactions. We are dedicated to ensuring your personal information is secure.

About Yodlee

Trusted by 70+ million users globally and a provider of financial technology services to global institutions for almost two decades.

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

two-step verification, is a security process in which the user provides two authentication factors to verify they are who they say they are.

Bank Level Security

all your data is encrypted with bank-level security at a 256-bit encryption level and data exchanged with Moneymgmt is encrypted with 128-bit SSL.

Cloud Security

Moneymgmt uses AWS servers in Australia for all cloud storage needs, trusted globally to ensure your documents are secure.

Face ID & Touch ID

Face ID and touch ID recognition helps to prevent unauthorised account access on your device.

Read Only

As this is a ‘read-only’ service. The purpose is to organise and analyse your finances, not pay bills or transfer money. There is no functionality to allow you to move funds in or out of any accounts so your cash is safe.

Why Yodlee

  • 1,000+

    Companies from global 500 companies to start-ups

  • 70% - Structured
    Data Feeds

    Which represent formal business relationships with the largest financial institutions

  • Millions

    Of consumers
    around the world

  • 79

    Issued U.S. patents make our technology platform unique

Who is Yodlee and why trust them?

Yodlee is the global leader in the area of banking technology and has an exceptional reputation in bank-level security with over 70 plus million users around the world. More than 1,100 global financial institutions, FinTech providers and advisors offer Yodlee powered solutions to millions of consumers worldwide.

Yodlee risk programs meet not only their expectations but also some of the most stringent security, privacy and compliance standards in the world. Integrating our service with Yodlee it clearly stipulates that we do not store any of your bank login details on our servers and are simply not able to. Yodlee also adheres to applicable aspects of the Australian Privacy Principles in their role as a service provider to their clients.

How do we access your financial information?

Our integration with Yodlee enables you to access all your financial information through Moneymgmt (ie bank accounts, loans accounts, credit cards) and also allows you to remove any one of these at any time.

The choice is yours. You simply need to link each of your accounts you have with your given username and password credentials. For those users that are under the free version of Moneymgmt, you have control to enter your information manually, based on the value of your accounts.

We can’t access your money.

Moneymgmt does not operate as a transactional service like a banking institution or a credit card facility.

We simply offer you a secure platform that enables you to see your financial picture at your fingertips. We, you and others cannot move or withdraw anything in your accounts from the Moneymgmt, it’s simply impossible.

Why should I provide all my account login details?

By not inputting your financial login data into your profile, the use of your Membership becomes diminished and has very limited functionality.

Our only request is to input your login details (username and password) for all your financial data once which then enables Yodlee to secure the relevant connection and pull the live feeds across all your financial platforms into Moneymgmt. The other mediums that pull information from live feeds are all done so via secure API’s which customers have to login with their credentials. Once this information has been inputted the Moneymgmt then provides you with all the information you need to make decisions and meet your financial goals.

What information
does Moneymgmt access?

Upon entering your relevant login details, Yodlee grabs and exports to Moneymgmt your transactional movements and omits any account or credit card numbers so you can see your data within the secure walls of the Moneymgmt website by simply logging into Moneymgmt.

What about those documents that I upload, are they safe?

Cloud security at Moneymgmt is the highest priority. We use AWS servers in Australia for all cloud storage needs. As part of the AWS network, we benefit from a data centre and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations.

AWS provides several security capabilities and services to increase privacy and control network access. These include: Network firewalls built into Amazon VPC, and web application firewall capabilities in AWS WAF let you create private networks, and control access to your instances and applications Encryption in transit with TLS across all services, Connectivity options that enable private, or dedicated, connections from your office or on-premises environment